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Village of AsharokenThe small but powerful Village of Asharoken
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Asharoken New York Asharoken, NY 11768
Asharoken Village Hall Plaque   Asharoken Village Hall

  1 Asharoken Avenue
  Asharoken, NY 11768
  (631) 261-7098
  EMERGENCY: Dial 911

  Asharoken Police: (631) 261-7400
  Fire / Ambulance: (631) 757-1111

To read archived Mayoral Advisories, click here.

The final yard debris pickup for 2016 is Tuesday, November 1. Use clear plastic bags only, and no grass clippings please. See the calendar for all yard debris pickup dates and click here for more information.

** Check our News & Notices section for local area events (including at both Public Libraries) and the November elections **

Message from Asharoken Mayor Gregory D. Letica:

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Dear Neighbors,

The Village received a copy of a letter dated October 18, 2016 from Alan A. Fuchs, P.E. Director with the NYSDEC in response to the USACE letter dated September 22, 2016. Click here to read the full letter.

In Summary; the NYSDEC notes that the Asharoken Feasibility Study is 95% complete and has cost over $4,000,000 in federal, state, and local funds to develop. The NYSDEC strongly believes that not completing the Feasibility Study will be an unfortunate waste of taxpayer dollars. This letter by the NYSDEC is not a commitment to funding, real estate, or operation and maintenance for the project as the project can only be committed when a Project Partnership Agreement (PPA) is executed and approved by the Office of the State Comptroller. The NYSDEC strongly recommends completing the Feasibility Study.

A completed Feasibility Study will significantly reduce the time required to commence participation in a future USACE project that may be needed to mitigate or alleviate damage resulting from storms. Therefore, it is in Asharokenís best long term interests to have a completed Feasibility Study. The Village has a reserve account fully funded to pay for its share of the study.

The letter from the NYSDEC to the USACE does not obligate the Village in any manner. I have been asked by the NYSDEC to wait for a response to them by the USACE prior to Asharoken taking any action. I have agreed to this request and will keep you informed.

Mayor Greg Letica
Message from Asharoken Mayor Gregory D. Letica:

October 14, 2016

Dear Neighbors:

I'd like to share with you two infrastructure projects currently underway in the Village.
  1. The Village hired a contractor to remove exposed steel from both concrete groins and timber groins. These groins were installed in the 1950s and are all located on the Sound-side beach. The concrete groins located between houses 100 and 138 all had exposed steel removed, and are now much safer. The week of October 24 the contractor will begin work on the timber groins in the beach lot area.
  2. Starting this week National Grid began placing 45,000 cubic yards of sand on the Sound-side beach commencing at house 100. This is the third placement of sand by National Grid which will bring the total amount of replaced sand in the last 6 years to 135,000 cubic yards.
    National Grid Sand on Beach 2016
    National Grid placing sand on beach
I would like to thank Mike Deluca for encouraging the Village to repair the groins, as well as our Deputy Mayor Pam Pierce who is doing a great job supervising both the groin and sand project. Thanks to Pam for her dedication to Asharoken.

Just a reminder the Village Holiday Party on November 5 is only a couple of weeks away. Thanks to Carole Casamassima for all her efforts organizing this wonderful community get-together. Keep in mind that tickets sell out early.

Have a great weekend,
Mayor Greg Letica
2016 Asharoken Coastal Cleanup a Huge Success

The Coastal Cleanup Crew collected over 5,000 pounds of debris
Photo: Cathy Zimmermann
The Coastal Cleanup Crew collected over 5,000 pounds of debris
On Saturday, September 24, from 9am to 5pm, we once again found our many dedicated volunteers at Asharoken Beach hard at work. The event was our annual coastal cleanup, sponsored by the Village of Asharoken and the American Littoral Society.

The committee reached out to and met with local Suffolk County middle schools and high schools, extending to them the benefit of trash and data collection, while obtaining community service hours. A win-win for everyone, but especially the local shorelines.

Residents, families, students, scout troops, and dedicated environmentalists showed up and cleaned up. An entire 20 yard dumpster, generously provided by the Town of Huntington, was filled to overloaded capacity weighing over 5,000 pounds!

Beach Captains Cathy Zimmermann, Deb Masterson, and Michele Tilleli worked alongside our volunteer residents Deputy Mayor Pam Pierce, Tracy Aboff, Jamie Pierce, and Joe Tilleli. The entire Coastal Cleanup committee extends a warm thank you to the Village, Mayor Letica, Village Clerk Rittenhouse, our volunteers and all those who cared enough to come out and cleanup. Click below to view a slideshow of the day. See you next year!
Asharoken Holiday Party

Asharoken Holiday Party
Revelers at last year's Holiday Party
The Asharoken Holiday Party will be held on November 5 at 7pm at the Northport Yacht Club. Come enjoy dinner, dancing and great music with your Asharoken neighbors. Be sure to send in your response to Carole Casamassima very soon as space is limited.
Board of Trustees Meeting November 1, 2016

The next regular meeting of the Board will be Tuesday, November 1, 2016 at 7:30pm.

The last meeting of the Board was October 4. Click here to read the draft agenda. To view the full 2016 schedule of the Board of Trustees meetings click on the "Government" tab above, then "Trustees Meetings" or click here.

Except as otherwise noted, all Board of Trustees meetings are held at 7:30pm at Asharoken Village Hall, 1 Asharoken Avenue, Asharoken, NY. Work session meetings are held at 3pm. All meetings are open to the public.
September, October 2016 Meeting Minutes Online

The following meeting minutes of the Asharoken Board of Trustees are now online: Minutes are posted on this website as they become available. Contact the Village Clerk if you have any questions. Archived minutes, as well as the full Board of Trustees meeting schedule, can be found by clicking on "Government" above, then "Trustees Meetings" or click here.
Message from Asharoken Mayor Gregory D. Letica:

October 3, 2016

Wishing you all a wonderful Rosh Hashanah Holiday.

  • Board of Trustees Regular Meeting will be held October 4 at 7:30pm at Village Hall. Click here to read the draft agenda.
  • Yard Waste pickup will be October 4.
  • Zoning Board of Appeals will hold a public hearing on Monday, October 17 for one application for a side yard setback. Hearing begins at 7:30pm
  • Environmental Review Board will hold a public hearing on Monday, October 24 for two dock applications. Hearing begins at 7:00pm
  • Absentee Applications for the General Election are available online from the Suffolk Country Board of Elections. Click here to download an application.
Mayor Greg Letica
Enivronmental Review Board Hearing:
October 24, 2016

On Monday, October 24, 2016 the Asharoken Environmental Review Board will hold a public hearing to consider two dock applications. The hearing is at Village Hall and begins at 7pm.
Message from Asharoken Mayor Gregory D. Letica:

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Dear Residents and Property Owners:

On Tuesday afternoon, September 27, the village was advised by the NYSDEC that it is drafting a response to the ACOE letter of September 22. The NYSDEC asked the village to delay proceeding with the poll until the NYSDEC has an opportunity to respond to the ACOE.

I apologize for this change of plans but this entire process is extremely fluid and has changed from Tuesday morning to Tuesday afternoon. I firmly believe that it is in the best interest of the Village to accommodate this request. Considering that this process began in 2001 it is reasonable to provide the NYSDEC the additional time it needs.

Mayor Greg Letica
ASDRP Archive Updated

The Asharoken Storm Damage Reduction Plan (ASDRP) Archive has been updated as of September 28 2016. To view the complete archive, click on "Government" above, then "ASDRP Archive" or click here.
Message from Asharoken Mayor Gregory D. Letica:

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Dear Neighbors:

An update on the ASDRP project and the ACOE response:

On August 9 the Village received a letter from the ACOE indicating their specific requirements for the project. Click here to read the full letter.

On September 13 the Village had a teleconference on the ASDRP project with the ACOE and the NYSDEC. Colonel David Caldwell represented the ACOE and the NYSDEC was represented by Sue McCormick. During that teleconference was an explanation of the requirements by the ACOE for the Village to commit to, in order to finish the feasibility study and construct the project. Because the ACOE added additional requirements, we insisted that the ACOE write a detailed letter pointing out exactly what it needs from the Village to complete the study for the project.

Yesterday, September 26, we received the response from the ACOE which addressed those additional requirements. Click here to read the full response.

The Village Board will be mailing out a fact sheet along with a poll to solicit your opinion on the ASDRP project later this week. Please take the time to read through the fact sheet, and review all the letters and notes from the teleconference, which are all posted to the ASDRP Archive on the asharoken.com website. The Archive may be found any time by clicking the "Government" button on the home page, then "ASDRP Archive". A public hearing will be scheduled as well.

Mayor Greg Letica
Water Main Installation Status

The Suffolk County Water Authority installed a new 16" diameter water main in order to increase pressure to Asharoken and Eaton's Neck homes and fire hydrants. The project began on July 12 and ran for approximately 10 days.

A portion of Eaton's Neck Road was closed from the corner of Ocean Ave and Eaton's Neck Road to the back entrance of Steers Ave.

At this point the installation of the new water main is 100% complete, no more road closures will be occurring. The new pipe is not in service, the SCWA has to flush it out and take samples before they can hook it up completely. The temporary road patch will remain until SCWA completes their final restoration of the road, which could be late Fall.

Asharoken, New York Asharoken NY

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