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Village of AsharokenThe small but powerful Village of Asharoken
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 Our 2018 Activities:
Santa and Mrs. Claus Visit Asharoken

10th Annual Asharoken Coastal Cleanup:
Huge Success With Almost 250 Volunteers

 Our 2017 Activities:
Santa Claus Visits Asharoken!

Asharoken's Holiday Party a Huge Success


Asharoken's Eighth Annual Holiday Party was held on Saturday, November 4, 2017 at the Northport Yacht Club. Carole Casamassima headed up the event again this year. A packed crowd of guests enjoyed a wonderfully convivial evening of dining, drinks, and dancing.

Deputy Mayor Pam Pierce's brother Jamie created and donated the centerpieces, Jean Bonowandt headed up the fabulous raffles, and Linda Letica sold Asharoken sweatshirts and tees to benefit the Asharoken Fireworks fund. The evening was highlighted with appreciation awards given from residents to Mayor Greg Letica and Village Clerk Nancy Rittenhouse. Cathy Zimmermann was our photographer for the evening: click the image above to view a slideshow of the party.

Many thanks to Carole Casamassima for again organizing such a lovely, enjoyable affair.
Bald Eagle Visits Asharoken

Bald Eagle Visits Asharoken
Bald Eagle in Asharoken
Asharoken Mayor Greg Letica, an avid bird-watcher, captured these images of a Bald Eagle on Saturday October 14 on Asharoken's sound-side beach. Letica initially spotted the bird sitting on the sand in front of Pam Pierce's home, eating a just-caught fish. After finishing its breakfast, the eagle soared off majestically.
2017 Coastal Cleanup a Huge Success


On September 23, Asharoken sponsored its 8th annual Coastal Cleanup in conjunction with the American Littoral Society and the International Ocean Conservancy. Approximately 200 dedicated trash warriors showed up to clean up all the debri found on our local shores. Village residents and local residents alike took part. Students from local Northport schools and many scouts came out in force to make a statement about the harm trash causes to our waters and marine life.

The cleanup committee wants to thank The Town of Huntington for donating the dumpster. Thank you also to Mayor Letica, Village Clerk Rittenhouse, Deputy Mayor Pierce and resident Tracy Aboff for all stepping up to the task of helping out.

It's too early to estimate our total trash collected, but our volunteers did a great job filling the dumpster. Last year alone the NY Coastal Cleanup cleared over 67,000 pounds of trash from New York shores and waters. Committee members Cathy Zimmermann and Deb Masterson are always very grateful to be a part of this event and wish to thank everyone who cares about a better environment.
Summer 2017: Carter Bench Reinstalled at Village Hall

Carter Bench
In July of 2000, long-time resident Tony Wenderoth donated the Carter Bench to the Village. The bench survived Super Storm Sandy and was dismantled and preserved during the demolition of our old Village Hall.

Last week the bench was reinstalled and now faces our pristine view of Northport Harbor.

Thank you again Tony for your donation back in 2000; the Carter Bench now sits beautifully on the front lawn.
 Our 2016 Activities:
2016 Holiday Party

Asharoken's Seventh Annual Holiday Party was held on Saturday, November 5, 2016 at the Northport Yacht Club. Click the image above to view a slideshow of the festivities. Many thanks once again to Carole Casamassima for organizing such a successful and fun event.
2016 Asharoken Coastal Cleanup a Huge Success

The Coastal Cleanup Crew collected over 5,000 pounds of debris
Photo: Cathy Zimmermann
The Coastal Cleanup Crew collected over 5,000 pounds of debris
On Saturday, September 24, from 9am to 5pm, we once again found our many dedicated volunteers at Asharoken Beach hard at work. The event was our annual coastal cleanup, sponsored by the Village of Asharoken and the American Littoral Society.

The committee reached out to and met with local Suffolk County middle schools and high schools, extending to them the benefit of trash and data collection, while obtaining community service hours. A win-win for everyone, but especially the local shorelines.

Residents, families, students, scout troops, and dedicated environmentalists showed up and cleaned up. An entire 20 yard dumpster, generously provided by the Town of Huntington, was filled to overloaded capacity weighing over 5,000 pounds!

Beach Captains Cathy Zimmermann, Deb Masterson, and Michele Tilleli worked alongside our volunteer residents Deputy Mayor Pam Pierce, Tracy Aboff, Jamie Pierce, and Joe Tilleli. The entire Coastal Cleanup committee extends a warm thank you to the Village, Mayor Letica, Village Clerk Rittenhouse, our volunteers and all those who cared enough to come out and cleanup. Click below to view a slideshow of the day. See you next year!

Fun and Fireworks Make For a Festive Fourth

Asharoken Fireworks, July 4, 2016
Photo: Steve Silverman
Grucci Fireworks light up the Asharoken night
For a while it seemed that the weather might not cooperate, but Asharoken's Independence Day Celebration ended up going off without a hitch.

Residents, family and friends enjoyed a day of barbeques and bonfires once again capped off by Grucci fireworks launched from a barge in the Long Island Sound.

A very big thank you to Carole Casamassima and Linda Letica for their fundraising efforts that paid the $8,500 cost of the tugboat and fireworks barge.

2016 Annual Village Election Results: June 21, 2016

The following candidates sought re-election for office and terms as follows:

Mayor, two year term:
Gregory D. Letica, 274 Asharoken Avenue, 167 votes

Two Trustees, two year term:
Melvin A. Ettinger, 64 South Harbor Road, 150 votes
Laura Rittenhouse Burke, 1 Bevin Road West, 143 votes

There were two write-in votes: Robert Holmes: 54; Drew Mendelsohn: 2.
Arbor Day Event:
April 30, 2016

Asharoken recognized Arbor Day by holding an event at Village Hall on sunny and mild Saturday, April 30. Village residents and neighbors watched as Mayor Greg Letica and Marty Cohen, chairman of our Village Board of Conservation of the Environment planted a beautiful river birch tree in front of Village Hall.

All attendees received pitch pine seedlings and information about Arbor Day along with instructions about how to plant their tree seedlings. Pitch pine is a native tree known for its medium size with moderately strong, coarse-grained wood. It thrives in moist, rich, well-drained and clay soils and is salt tolerant.

Mayor Letica thanked the New York State DEC Division of Lands and Forests for a $1,000 Arbor Day Grant which was used to fund distribution of the 150 pitch pine seedlings and purchase the river birch and Colorado Blue Spruce trees planted at Village Hall. Our Village Clerk, Nancy Rittenhouse assisted by organizing and promoting the event.

Click here to read the informative handout about Arbor Day and our native trees. Click here for an excellent article by the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center on the benefits of trees.
 Our 2015 Activities:
Asharoken Blood Drive

Together with the New York Blood Center, our Village held a blood drive on December 21. Asharoken and area residents were urged to visit Asharoken Village Hall to donate blood and share this lifesaving gift. All donors received a NY Blood Center T-shirt as a thank you. Trustee Laura Burke volunteered as chairperson of the Drive.
An Annual Asharoken Tradition:
Santa Visits Our Village

Santa visited Asharoken on December 20. Click the image above to view a slideshow of his visit.

This year, with the help of the Northport Fire Department, Santa arrived in high style on his sleigh accompanied by Mrs. Claus. Mayor Letica and the Asharoken Trustees were on hand to welcome the Claus couple and escort them into our new Village Hall. Santa listened to the wishes of many residents while Mrs. Claus dispensed festive treats organized by Village Clerk Nancy Rittenhouse. Hot cocoa, cookies and candy were enjoyed by all.
New Asharoken Village Hall Grand Opening

On November 24, 2015, Asharoken celebrated the grand opening of its new Village Hall with a formal dedication ceremony. Click the image above to view a quick slideshow of the event. Mayor Greg Letica and the Board of Trustees hosted more than 100 Asharoken residents, friends, local elected officials and dignitaries including Congressman Steve Israel and NY State Senator Carl Marcellino.

Katie Burke played the national anthem, and Mitchell Rittenhouse led the assembled crowd in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Mayor Letica stated "The project to build a new Village Hall was actually started almost 10 years ago by Trustee and Police Commissioner Mel Ettinger; initially as an expansion to our old Village Hall. During the first 7 years, a fundraising campaign was started and a number of designs were considered, including expanding the then-existing Village Hall as well as building a new building. Clearly, funding the cost of either a renovation or building a new building was always of major concern."

"When I ran for mayor 3 1/2 years ago, I stated that if elected, I would oversee the building of a new Village Hall. Little did I realize that just a few months after my election Superstorm Sandy would flood our existing Village Hall, forcing us to abandon it and commence an urgent project to build a new one. We asked the Asharoken Fundraising Committee to renew their campaign, filed a claim with FEMA and applied for some additional government grants. It took approximately 18 months to negotiate and settle our claim with FEMA. Congressman Israel was extremely helpful with the processing our claim with FEMA and I am certain that if not for his personal support and efforts we would have not be able to receive the grant of $538,855. NY State Senator Carl Marcellino was also very helpful and instrumental in helping our Village obtain a $50,000 grant for the construction of the retaining wall in the back of our property. These grants, together with the almost $360,000 that was raised by the Asharoken Fundraising Committee from donations received from more than 200 of our residents enabled the Village to fund the cost of this beautiful new building.”

Following Mayor Letica's remarks, Congressman Israel welcomed the guests, officials and dignitaries in attendance and offered his congratulations to the village officials and residents on their success in building the new Village Hall.

Mayor Letica invited all the attendees to tour the new facility and enjoy refreshments.
2015 Holiday Party

Asharoken's Sixth Annual Holiday Party was held on Saturday, November 7, 2015 at the Northport Yacht Club. Click the image above to view a slideshow of the party. Asharoken residents enjoyed an evening of dining and dancing with their neighbors. Thanks again to Carole Casamassima for organizing such an enjoyable evening.
Big Turnout for 2015 Asharoken Coastal Cleanup:

The Coastal Cleanup team filled a 20 yard dumpster
Photo: Cathy Zimmermann
The Coastal Cleanup team filled a 20 yard dumpster
On Saturday, September 26, the Village of Asharoken held its annual Coastal Cleanup. The Beach Captains Deb Masterson, Cathy Zimmermann and Michele Tilleli worked with their volunteer committee members Pam Pierce, Jamie Pierce, Katie Zimmermann, Tracy Aboff, and Mimi Atkinson to run the all-day event, scouring eleven area beaches and shorelines.

It was a beautiful day for the 225 volunteers who came and worked tirelessly, cleaning up debris and trash. The volunteers filled a 20 yard dumpster to overflowing. In the words of our Mayor, Dr. Greg Letica, "The smiles on their faces showed how happy they were to have made such a significant impact on the environment." Click the image below to view a slideshow of the cleanup.

The entire Coastal Cleanup Committee is very grateful to the Village of Asharoken for sponsoring this worthwhile ecological event. Thanks to everyone who participated, and see you in 2016!

Funds for Fireworks Fun:

On Tuesday May 5, during the monthly Board of Trustees meeting, Carole Casamassima and Linda Letica presented the Village with donations to help defray the costs of the Village's Fourth of July fireworks. Carole raised $7,500 from raffle prizes given away at the annual Holiday Party. Linda raised $1,000 from a line of Asharoken clothing she created and sold. Their combined contribution of $8,500 pays for the fireworks tug boat and barge; it represents almost one third of the cost of the fireworks. Thanks again to both for their continued efforts.
 Our 2014 Activities:
2014 Asharoken Holiday Party

On November 1st, 2014 over 90 guests attended the Fifth Annual Asharoken Holiday party held at the Northport Yacht Club. Chairperson Carole Casamassima organized this successful event, which included dinner and dancing.

Spectacular raffle prizes were all donated by residents which helped fund the Asharoken Fireworks event. Northport Mayor George Doll won the grand prize, a kayak for two.

Martin Hakker was presented a Letter of Commendation for all his dedication and effort organizing Asharoken's annual Fourth of July Fireworks display.

Many thanks to Carole Casamassima, Deputy Mayor Pam Pierce, Jamie Pierce (for creating the beautiful centerpieces) and the "raffle women", all of whom helped to make this a memorable evening.
2014 Asharoken Coastal Cleanup a Huge Success

On September 27, 2014, Asharoken held its annual Coastal Cleanup in cooperation with the Northeast Chapter of the American Littoral Society. Approximately 300 volunteers worked all day to clean our shores, filling a 40 cubic yard dumpster. Thanks to Beach Captains Cathy Zimmermann, Deb Masterson, and Michele Tilleli for organizing yet another great event.
Asharoken Mayor Greg Letica Takes On the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Asharoken Mayor Greg Letica took on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge on August 23. To participate yourself and donate, visit www.als.org.
2014 Village Election Results:

The general Asharoken Election for officers was held on June 17, 2014 at the Eatons Neck Fire House. A total of 100 of the Village's registered voters cast ballots. The results for the four uncontested candidates seeking the following offices and terms are:

Mayor, two year term: Gregory Letica   92
Two Trustees, two year term:Melvin Ettinger   83
Laura Rittenhouse Burke   83
Village Justice, four year term:    Mark D. Kleczka   89

There were five write-in votes. All will take office on July 7 at noon.

The Village Blood Drive received a total of 12 units donated.
 Our 2013 Activities:
Santa Visits Asharoken!

Asharoken residents both young and old enjoyed meeting with Santa at Village Hall on December 15, 2013. Mr. & Mrs. Claus were hosted by Mayor Letica and the Village Trustees. Santa brought plenty of treats for all the neighborhood children who visited with him, and their parents.
Asharoken Holiday Party

Asharoken’s Annual Holiday Party was held at the Northport Yacht Club on Saturday, November 2. Attendees spent a lovely evening dining and dancing. The dessert table was especially delicious, with items brought by partygoers. During the festivities, Asharoken Newsletter editor Joan Hauser was honored for her services to the Village. Proceeds from a raffle held during the party will benefit the July Fourth Fireworks Show. Thanks go to Carole Casamassima for chairing this fun and successful event.
Asharoken Caps off July 4th with Grucci Fireworks

Asharoken residents, family and friends enjoyed another glorious 4th. The day's festivities were capped by a lovely fireworks display. This 2013 show was produced by Grucci Fireworks. Thanks to all who worked to make the day a success.
Blood Drive Successful

The June 18 blood drive at the Eaton's Neck Fire House that was scheduled concurrent with our Village election was a success. 61 registered donors gave a total of 56 units. Thanks to all who participated.

 Our 2012 Activities:
Eighth Annual Blood Drive:

On September 24, Asharoken again hosted our annual blood drive.

Chairperson Avrum Golub, M.D., J.D. reports that Asharoken met its goal by collecting 31 units ("pints") of blood-- exceeding last year's achievement. These units have the potential to save upwards of 93 lives and more. The New York Blood Center Blood Mobile spent the day at Village Hall welcoming Asharoken residents. Refreshments were served to all.
Asharoken Community 2012 Coastal Clean-Up

On Saturday, September 22, Asharoken hosted the 27th Annual Littoral Society Coastal Clean-Up. The committee of Cathy Zimmermann, Michele Tilleli, and Deb Masterson, reported that the weather was beautiful and the clean up was a big success.

Two hundred and fifty-two wonderful, and dedicated volunteers began arriving by 9am, with the last trash bags being tossed into Big Blue at 5pm.

Smiling children, and adults alike, collected approx. 4,000 lbs of shoreline trash from 10 different locations. Deputy Mayor Pam Pierce and Asharoken residents, Tracy Aboff and Linda Letica, gave generously of their time in helping to distribute supplies, personalize community service certificates, hand out refreshments, and help with traffic control. A special thank you to Tracy Aboff for her beautiful educational displays and to our Deputy Mayor's brother Jaime, who assisted with weighing of trash and all aspects of the clean-up.

Mayor Letica was on hand to discuss, with the young participants, the importance of being good environmental stewards. Mayor Letica was pleased with the turnout and said that it is an event that brings pride to Asharoken.

A very special thank you to all of the wonderful people who care enough to come out and give of their time to make our shores cleaner. They are truly a great group of volunteers.
Big Labor Day Weekend Catch Off Asharoken Beach

Asharoken Resident Stanley Browne hauled in a big one this weekend!
Photo: Eva Browne
Asharoken Resident Stanley Browne hauled in a big one this weekend!
Once in a Blue Moon, indeed! On Friday, August 31, 2012 there was a rare "Blue Moon" -- a second full moon within the same month. And on Friday, Asharoken Resident Stanley Browne hauled in this great catch from the soundside beach in front of 296 Asharoken Avenue.

Using an 8 foot spinning rod and bunker for bait, Stanley pulled in this beautiful 35-inch, 15-pound Striped Bass.

What a catch! Congratulations Stanley!
Finale to Asharoken's 4th of July 2012 Fireworks Spectacular

Swearing-In Ceremony Held at Village Hall

Village of Asharoken Trustees Joe Tilleli and Mel Ettinger are sworn in.
Photo: Eric Maffei
Village of Asharoken Trustees Joe Tilleli and Mel Ettinger are sworn in.
On Monday, July 2, 2012 an enthusiastic crowd of Village residents, family and friends attended the swearing-in ceremony of our elected officials. Huntington Town Supervisor Frank Petrone administered the oath of office to incoming Mayor Gregory D. Letica, incoming Trustee Mel Ettinger and re-elected Trustee Joseph Tilleli. Afterwards, attendees enjoyed cookies and refreshments in the Village Hall garden.

Immediately following the ceremony, Mayor Letica conducted his first board meeting. During the meeting, the Mayor issued a proclamation saluting Patricia Irving for her four years of service to the Village as Mayor and her five years of service as Trustee. Attendees at the packed meeting responded to the reading of the proclamation with a hearty round of applause.
Asharoken Village Election Results:

Election was held on June 19, 2012. There were 348 in-person votes and 55 absentee ballots (a total of 68.5% of registered voters).
165Patricia Irving (incumbent)
230Dr. Gregory D. Letica
(1 Write-in for Mayor)

Trustees (TWO openings):
240Joseph M. Tilleli (re-elected)
245Melvin A. Ettinger
(6 Write-ins for Trustee)
"Save the Fireworks" Check Presented

Anna Pollaci and Carole Casamassima present a $5,700.00 check to Mayor Pat Irving
Anna Pollaci and Carole Casamassima present a $5,700.00 check to Mayor Pat Irving
On May 7, 2012 the "Save the Fireworks" Committee Chairpersons Anna Pollaci and Carole Casamassima presented a $5,700.00 check to Mayor Pat Irving on behalf of Asharoken's residents, neighbors and friends. The funds were raised from hosting our annual holiday party on November 5, 2011. Thank you to all who contributed both their time and donations. This check covers the total cost of the fireworks barge.

Save the Date: The 2012 Asharoken Holiday Party is Saturday, Nov 3, 2012
Hope to see you all again at the November 3, 2012 Holiday Party at Indian Hills Country Club.
Mayor Discusses Proposed Village Budget for Coming Fiscal Year

(February 24, 2012) Former Asharoken Village Mayor Patricia Irving wrote a letter with information regarding the Village of Asharoken Proposed Budget for the Fiscal Year Beginning June 1, 2012. A summary of the proposed expense budget is included. Note: The proposed budget was discussed during a Public Hearing held on Monday, March 5, 2012 during the monthly Asharoken Board of Trustees meeting.
Press Release: February 13, 2012
Against the tide, Asharoken says yes to the tax cap

(February 13, 2012) Former Asharoken Mayor Patricia Irving and the Village Board of Trustees chose not to override the new tax cap law on local governments. Last June, the New York State Legislature enacted Governor Cuomo’s proposal to establish a 2% tax levy limit on all local governments and school districts beginning in 2012.

The law allows local governments to override the annual cap. Most municipalities across Long Island and New York State have voted to override the cap. Without such an override, local governments are restricted to increasing their tax levy no more than the lesser of 2% or the rate of inflation.

Irving stated, ”The tax cap law, as written, can be either cumbersome or a farce if a municipality votes to override the cap. However, the cost of government and annual cost increases are getting out of hand. We have to start somewhere.”

A municipality can override the tax cap limit by merely passing a local law, after the public hearing, authorizing the legislative body to override the cap. Asharoken chose to not even schedule a public hearing. Without the override law, the tax levy is limited to a 2% increase. If that is exceeded, there are serious fiscal consequences for the municipality in the future. Any tax levy in excess of the cap is required to be placed in reserve and further limit tax increases in the future. A municipality when computing the tax cap can exclude certain uncontrollable costs from the tax cap calculation. This includes pension contribution increases in excess of 2% and tort judgments against a municipality in excess of 5%. Most municipalities on Long Island have been passing local override laws to avoid being bound by the limitation or the consequences if they exceed the 2% limit.

“The ability to override the cap and the calculations of exclusions make the intent of the law useless. There are no restrictions on a municipality to limit those increases once they have passed the override law. The calculations make it even more confusing for the public”, Irving stated.

Municipalities can effectively raise taxes far more than the 2% and still stay with the limitations of the law. For example, the neighboring Village of Northport voted to override the law, stayed within the 2% cap but Village taxes increased 4.67%.

Irving said, “The law has the right intent but may be unreasonable for many municipalities. Some local governments, particularly small ones like the Village of Asharoken have unusual expenses in one year but not in others. The blanket right to override each year does little to limit municipal spending. Municipalities need an ability to override the cap but doing it year after year does not stop run away tax increases. Asharoken’s Board decided from the outset of this year’s budget preparations that we would abide by the cap, and likewise any tax increase.”

Asharoken’s proposed 2012-2013 budget calls for a 1.86% tax increase.
 Our 2011 Activities:
2011 Holiday Party

Asharoken Holiday Party, November, 2011
The "Save the Fireworks" Committee Co-Chairs report:

"Our second annual 'Save the Fireworks' Holiday Party was held on November 5, 2011 at the Indian Hills Country Club. Asharoken residents and their friends enjoyed the raffles, food, drink and dancing at this sold out event. A great time was had by all!
Asharoken Holiday Party, November, 2011
Due to the generosity and participation of all we were able to reach our goal of being able to cover the complete cost of the barge that stages the annual Village Fourth of July Fireworks display.

We hope to see you again this year on November 3, 2012 at the Indian Hills Country Club.
Asharoken Holiday Party, November, 2011
We are forming committees now and accepting donations of goods and services for the raffle books and gift baskets. If you can join us or have something to donate please call Carole Casamassima: (631) 261-1895.

Carole & Anna"
Asharoken Holiday Party, November, 2011
Santa & Company Visit Asharoken:

On Sunday, December 18, Santa, in his spectacular new sleigh, and Mayor Irving, traveled Asharoken Avenue to arrive at Village Hall. They were escorted by the Northport Volunteer Fire Department and the Asharoken Police. Residents and their families were invited to be on hand to have pictures taken with Santa while enjoying hot cocoa, cookies, candy canes, oranges and stockings for the young ones. Hosted by Mayor Irving and your Village Trustees.

Santa's sleigh and entourage were so large that he traveled Asharoken Avenue only. Mayor Irving says "Santa's tour this year was extra special for our Village."

Click the play button to the right to view this year's photos of Santa and friends.

Coastal Beach Clean-up Event: October 1, 2011

Beach Captains, Cathy Zimmermann, Michele Tilleli and Deb Masterson report on this year's cleanup efforts done on October 1, 2011:

"The day was picture perfect. The more than 400 volunteers of all ages collected well more than two tons of pollution debris that damage our shores, animals, birds and sea life. We are now compiling the data documenting the various types debris that was gathered by our enthusiastic volunteers."

For several years, the Village of Asharoken has participated in the International Coastal Clean-Up Event sponsored by the Northeast Chapter of the American Littoral Society. The Village Board of Trustees has officially recognized the event by appointing beach captains and assigning Village resources, such as the sanitation truck and police to assist in the effort.

Beach Co-Captain Cathy Zimmermann writes, "Another year has passed since our very successful coastal cleanup, thanks to wonderful volunteers like you! We look forward to seeing you again. Let’s have fun cleaning litter on the beaches, eating Swedish Fish and Goldfish Crackers! As you know, all volunteers will be given official Community Award Certificates, valuable for honor society, school resumes, religion requirement, or any accomplishments that require Community Service."

Click here for the Color Brochure, or click here for the Reminder Flyer and contact information.

Scroll down to see reporting on the Coastal Clean-up events of past years.
4th of July-Asharoken Style

To control slide show, drag mouse over lower right corner of photo.
Asharoken "Save the Fireworks" Committee Presents Check

From left: Anna Pollaci and Carol Cassamassina of the Save the Fireworks Committee present a check for $5500 to Mayor Irving.
From left: Anna Pollaci and Carol Cassamassina of the Save the Fireworks Committee present a check for $5500 to Mayor Irving.
During the June 6, 2011 Board of Trustees meeting, members of the "Save the Fireworks" committee presented Mayor Irving a check in the amount of $5500 which will cover the cost of the barge for our July 4th annual Fireworks show.

The following people chaired the "Save the Fireworks" Committee; Carol Casamassina, Janet Toscano, Marianne Mere, and Anna Pollaci. A special thank you to Marianne Mere who not only chaired the T-Shirt fundraiser, but also donated all of the gorgeous centerpieces for the affair. The following people made the raffle tickets a success: Mark Pollaci and Mat Casamassina.

The following people contributed the gift baskets and services to make the auction a success: Kathy Affrunti, Lara Behr, Jean & Craig Bonawandt, Trish Hakker, Claudia Jablonski, Nancy Janow, Debbie Kirchner, Jeannene Levinson, Walter Monteblanco, Linda Orofino, Evan & Stephen Pergolizzi, Pam Pierce, Chris Polli, Stephanie Quarles, Judy Ross, Rita Rover, Jeannine Small, Vicki Splaine, Michele Tilleli.

The check represents efforts of many Village volunteers which began in November 2010 as Asharoken residents celebrated the Village 85th Anniversary together with a Fundraiser to raise money to help offset the rising cost of the July 4th fireworks display.

The Cocktail Party/Dinner was sold out. The affair was held at the Indian Hills Country Club where the food was delicious, the music fabulous and staff wonderful.

The spirit of the residents and property owners was on "fire". Baskets for raffles were donated by the community including antique jewelry, paintings, sculptures,goods and services. Grand prizes included plane rides, boat rides and fishing trips. The shop keepers in Northport Village donated gift certificates and services. T-shirts, hats and Asharoken towels were offered for a donation. All together we raised $5500 which covered the cost of the barge.

Thanks to all the people who dug deeply in their pockets to make this fundraiser such a success, it was a community effort that succeeded well past our expectations.

Note: The 2011 Fall Cocktail Party will be November 5, 2011 so SAVE THE DATE everyone, you ain't seen nothin' yet!!!

Asharoken Garden Club Beautifies Village Hall area

Thank you to all the Asharoken Garden Club members who volunteered their time this Spring to plant the flowers around Village Hall and the entrance to our Village.

This year the women who helped with the Asharoken Village Planting were: Patricia Farrell, Janet Boziwick, Andrea Brovetto, Lynda Romano, Georgiana Gaherty, Jan Greenblatt, Caren Alessio, Denise D'onofrio, Mary Anne Wetzel, and Colette Malik.

The Asharoken Garden Club has been in existence since 1924 and was founded by Mrs. John Wood Stewart. Their current president is Rosemarie Sanchez.

Their many involvements include a scholarship for a graduating high school senior who will be majoring in a subject that involves bettering our environment, and may have even done projects in high school relating to this topic. They honor gardens within our area who have done outstanding jobs, and in previous years have awarded plaques to those homeowners who had some of the best gardens. To raise monies they have a September Luncheon, with entertainment and over 100 raffle prizes. This is a very well attended program. They also support the Food Pantry in Northport with money and with canned goods.

The Club's community service group, headed by JoAn Gaudreault and Colette Malik, decorate the Visiting Nurse Hospice House in East Northport several times a year with floral arrangements. They visit the Veterans Administration Nursing Home in spring, and pot annuals and sing songs with the Vets. Karen Breen and her mother Dorothy Holland are wonderful at this. In May they plant annuals at the Asharoken Village Hall, in thanks for letting the Club use their facility for Board Meetings. In May and December the club decorates mugs with greens and flowers to give to the Huntington Senior Center for distribution. And in December also, the club makes multiple live wreaths for various public buildings in our area.

For more details about the Asharoken Street Garden Program Award Winners, visit the: Asharoken Home & Garden Section.
 Our 2010 Activities:
  • Santa Visits Asharoken
  • Annual Holiday Party
  • Coastal Cleanup
  • Pot Luck Dinner
  • Independence Day
  • Swearing-In Ceremony
  • Blessing of the Fleet
  • Memorial Day
Santa Visits Asharoken

To control slide show, drag mouse over lower right corner of photo.
Photos by Steve Silverman
Santa began his annual tour of our Village on Sunday, December 19, 2010 at 11am accompanied by the Northport Volunteer Fire Department and the Asharoken Police Department. By 12:30pm he arrived at Village Hall where residents visited with him while enjoying hot cocoa, cookies and candy canes.
A Sold-Out Success:
Annual Holiday Party: November 13, 2010

To control slide show, drag mouse over lower right corner of photo.
Many Asharoken residents will say it's hard to believe that 10 years have already passed since Asharoken celebrated its 75th Anniversary with a year-long program of events. Two of these events have now become an annual tradition: our Independence Day fireworks and end-of-year holiday party.

On November 13, Asharoken celebrated its 85th Anniversary with a holiday party with a twist: a "Save the Fireworks" fund raiser. As Mayor Irving reported in the November 2010 issue of the Asharoken Village Newsletter:

"When the fireworks were first initiated in the Village, they were paid for by contributions of individual residents. In the last couple of years, that burden has fallen on our Village government. The Village board, in order to keep taxes at a minimum, has made it clear that in this unsteady economy it is doing everything it can to hold the line on cost minimizing expense. It has become difficult to undertake the full annual expense for this event."

"Rather than lose this once-a-year opportunity, a group of volunteer property owners in our Village have undertaken to raise sufficient funds to continue the fireworks show. Invitations have been sent out to all property owners asking them to combine their Holiday Dinner Party and the 85th Anniversary of the Incorporated Village of Asharoken with a fund raiser to support the fireworks."

And, Asharoken responded! An enthusiastic, well-dressed, sold-out gathering bid generously on a Chinese auction and bought raffle tickets for beautiful gifts all donated by their neighbors. Gift baskets included a fantastic sculptured horse, a gold and ruby pin, wine basket, a "Great Date" basket featuring a bottle of Dom Perignon, "Baby Girl," "Baby Boy" baskets, two "Nautical Decoupage" art windows, designer sunglasses and much more. Raffle ticket prizes included a Cessna Fly Tour of Long Island and New York City, a Spring Bass Fishing Charter and a Summer Boat Tour of Manhattan.

While at the Indian Hills Country Club in Northport, the residents and their guests enjoyed a delicious buffet dinner preceded by passed hors d'deuvres and open bar. The tables were dressed by stunning white rose floral arrangements generously donated by Marianne Mere. A beautiful cake designed as an American Flag was rolled out, sparklers ablaze, as the DJ played "Yankee Doodle Dandy." Afterwards, guests danced the night away.

During the evening, Mayor Irving gave tribute to the Guest of Honor: the Honorable Charles D. Brown and his lovely wife Martha Brown. Justice Brown has served as a Village volunteer in a variety of capacities for over 30 years. He received a warm and rousing standing ovation as he was presented a Proclamation by Mayor Irving.

Many Asharoken residents were involved in organizing and donating to the holiday festivities, they include: Anna Pollaci, Michele Tilleli, Carol Cassamissima, Janet Toscano, Marianne Mere, Pam Pierce, Judy Ross, Vicky Splaine and Nancy Janow. A special thank you to Deb Masterson for reporting assistance.
Huge Turnout for Asharoken's 2010 Coastal Cleanup

Cathy Zimmermann, appointed Beach Captain by the Asharoken Board of Trustees, reports on this year's cleanup efforts done on October 2, 2010:

"The day was picture perfect. The nearly 300 volunteers collected 2,738 pounds of pollution debris that damage our shores, animals, birds and sea life.

"One of the quotes from a father after his return from the beach with his bags of plastic bottle caps and other numerous types of plastic debris was, 'This was a real eye-opener. I never knew there would be this much plastic.' Perhaps someday one of the children who saw the damage with their own eyes will invent a substance that can replace plastic that biodegrades. Plastic, according to the Ocean Conservancy's studies take 450 years to breakdown in the environment. A fishing line takes 650 years. There's a lot of damage done during those years.

"Thank you to all who came out and earned valuable community service hours for themselves while protecting the shores, animals, birds and sea life and restoring the 'eye-candy' that we so take for granted."

The volunteers collected and documented debris on Crab Meadow Beach, National Grid Nature Preserve Area, Hobart Beach, Sand City Beach, Steers Beach, Asharoken Beach, The Sluice and the U.S. Coast Guard Beach.

Click here to read the Full 2010 Asharoken Coastal Cleanup Report submitted to the Village Board of Trustees.

The Coastal Cleanup is an annual event sponsored by the Northeast Chapter of the American Littoral Society.
Third Annual Pot Luck Dinner

Rita Rover reports: “The weather on Saturday, August 14, 2010 was absolutely perfect and the setting next to Village Hall matched the weather. There were several long tables lined up in a long row on the lawn and covered with cheerful yellow and white cloths, flowers, candles and lanterns, all provided by Deb Masterson.

“The spirit was friendly and warm as we pulled up our chairs and enjoyed the food and drink. A partial list includes: Caesar salad, crudite and dip, clam dip, spanikopita, meatballs, quiche, roast pork and asparagus, BBQ chicken, fried chicken, London Broil, Bridie’s scones, Stanley Browne’s sangria. The Levins of Bevin went out of their way to provide a luscious dessert display.

“Most of the food was homemade and beautifully presented.

“A thanks goes to Mike Mere for the loan of the tent and a special thank you to the hard-working Pot Luck committee: Martha Brown, Eva Browne, Deb Masterson, Joann McCarthy, Judy Ross.” Also, thanks for the photos to Eva Browne, Marty Cohen and Deb Masterson.

Asharoken Celebrates Independence Day 2010

Asharoken residents, families and friends celebrated America's 234th birthday with parties and cookouts on the beach, swimming, bonfires, and wonderful fireworks launched from a barge in the Sound. As we like to say here in Asharoken: "A Good Time was had by All".

Bonus feature: view a video of Asharoken's fireworks as seen from the tugboat and barge that delivered our show. Click here to view.

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Swearing-In Ceremony Held at Village Hall

Village of Asharoken Trustee Joe Affrunti is sworn in for a second term.
Photo: Eric Maffei
Trustee Joe Affrunti is sworn in for a second term.
On Thursday, July 1, 2010 an enthusiastic crowd of Village residents, family and friends attended the swearing-in ceremony of our elected officials. Justice Charles D. Brown administered the Constitutional Oath of Office to Mayor Patricia Irving, Trustees
Justice Brown swears in new Village of Asharoken Trustee Joe Tilleli.
Photo: Eric Maffei
Justice Brown swears in new Trustee Joe Tilleli.
Joseph Affrunti and Joseph M. Tilleli before the start of their respective terms of office which begin on July 6, 2010. Mayor Irving then administered the Oath of Office to Justice Brown, who has served as Village Justice for thirty years.

Mayor Irving, beginning her second term in office, thanked residents for their continued support. Irving congratulated the newly elected and re-elected Trustees, and gave special thanks to Justice Charles Brown for his three decades of service. Irving also thanked Trustee Avrum Golub for his efforts on behalf of the Village.

Afterwards, attendees enjoyed cake and refreshments.
2010 Blessing of the Fleet

Bill Raisch (in blue unnder the flag) put in lots of effort coordinating the event.
Image: Alan Pearlman
Bill Raisch (in blue under the flag) put in lots of effort coordinating the event.
The 2010 Blessing of the Fleet took place in Northport Harbor on Saturday, June 12. This very special annual celebration for our maritime community is coordinated by the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary. Generally over 100 vessels have participated in the "parade" each year for blessings by clergy and recognition by elected officials.

Officials in attendance included Asharoken Mayor Patricia Irving, Northport Deputy Mayor Henry Tobin, and Northport Trustee Damon McMullen. Mayor Irving commented: "The Blessing of the Fleet is a great community event that kicks off safe boating season each year. Many thanks to Bill Raisch, who put a tremendous amount of work into this and did a wonderful job coordinating this for all." Mr. Raisch also serves as the Chairman of Asharoken's Emergency Planning Committee.

Asharoken Mayor Irving watches as the Asharoken Police boat participates in the flotilla
Image: Alan Pearlman
Asharoken Mayor Irving watches as the Asharoken Police boat participates in the flotilla.
Asharoken Officials Participate in 2010 Memorial Day Events

Trustee Elefante, Mayor Irving, and Deputy Mayor Masterson march in the Northport Memorial Day Parade.
Photo: Richard Valeo
From left: Trustee Elefante, Mayor Irving, and Deputy Mayor Masterson march in the Northport Memorial Day Parade.
The 2010 Northport Memorial Day Parade was held Monday, May 31. It began at the William Brosnan School on Laurel Avenue (opposite the library), then proceeded north on Laurel Avenue and west down Main Street, ending at Northport Village Park where a ceremony was held. Mayor Irving, Deputy Mayor Masterson and Trustee John Elefante marched, representing Asharoken.

The 2010 Huntington Memorial Day Parade kicked off at 11:30am. Sponsored by the Huntington American Legion Post 360, The parade began at the Big H Shopping Center, proceeded north on New York Avenue, and ended at the reviewing stand on Main Street. Mayor Irving marched; Asharoken resident/appointed Village Official Heidi Hayden was the parade coordinator.
 Our 2009 Activities:
  • Santa Visits Asharoken
  • Annual Holiday Party
  • Blood Drive
  • Coastal Cleanup
  • Cow Harbor Day and Parade
  • Greenlawn Fire Department Parade
  • Pot Luck Dinner
  • Independence Day
  • Eaton's Neck 4th of July Parade
  • Memorial Day
Photos of Santa's Asharoken Visit

Santa Visits Asharoken Village Hall.
Santa Visits Asharoken Village Hall
Santa's tour and visit to Asharoken was held on December 13. He was transported by the Northport Fire Department and accompanied by the Asharoken Village Police.

Santa arrived at Village Hall to celebrate the holiday with residents of all ages and their families. Hot cocoa, cookies and candy canes were enjoyed by all.

Click here to see a slide show of his visit, and print copies of your favorite photos.
"A Good Time Was Had By All":
Annual Holiday Party: November 21

Our annual holiday party was held on November 21, at the Northport Yacht Club. Neighbors sipped and swirled around the buffet tables. To support our local food pantry during the upcoming holiday season, a drop off basket was available for canned or dry food donations. See our "News & Notices" category above for more infomation.
Fifth Annual Blood Drive:

Columbus Day was again host to Asharoken's annual blood drive. Twenty-two units ("pints") of blood were collected-- exceeding last year's achievement. These units have the potential to save upwards of 66 lives and more. The New York Blood Center Blood Mobile spent the day at Village Hall welcoming Asharoken residents. Refreshments were served to all.
Coastal Cleanup Another Big Success

Katie and Cathy Zimmermann pitched in and helped with the 2009 Beach Cleanup.
Katie and Cathy Zimmermann pitched in and helped with the 2009 Beach Cleanup.
On October 3, 60 people from the Asharoken and Northport area participated in the 2009 International Coastal Cleanup. Our co-coordinator Eva Browne reports a total of 1,114 pounds of trash was collected from our local beaches and waterfronts. As in prior years, cleanup volunteers found plenty of plastic debris, dog waste, balloons, cigarette butts...one dead seagull was found tangled in balloon ribbons.

Beach Captain Browne would like to thank all the local businesses that so generously contributed to the celebratory luncheon held afterwards at her home: Copenhagen Bakery, Brava Pizza of Norwood Plaza, Filetto's, Main Street Cafe, Maroni's, Nocello, Pumpernickel's, Robke's Country Inn, Shipwreck Diner, Smokin' Sloe's, and Venus Greek Restaurant. These establishments deserve the thanks and support of all our residents. Ms. Browne would also like to thank volunteers and fellow committee members Alex Janow, Rita Rover, Martin Cohen, and Deb Masterson for picking up the donated foods.

The International Coastal Cleanup presents an opportunity not only to improve the area waterfronts but to document the kinds of trash being found. Please come out next year and give a few hours of your time.
Cow Harbor Day & Parade: Slight rain delay did not dampen spirits
Many joined/viewed Asharoken's Float

Northport's annual Cow Harbor Day and Parade was held on Sunday, September 27. The Parade proceeded down Main Street to the village park where many family-oriented activities were held.

Asharoken's popular float in the Parade was again headed by "Junior Chief Asharoken" Mitchell Rittenhouse. Asharoken officials and residents marched with the float and many more cheered it on from along Main Street.
Greenlawn Fire Department Parade

Mayor Irving Marching in the Greenlawn Fire Department Parade.
Mayor Irving Marching in the Greenlawn Fire Department Parade.
Asharoken was represented in this year's Greenlawn Fire Department Parade. Held the evening of Thursday, September 3, the parade kicked off the annual Greenlawn Fireman's Fair. Pictured from the left: Huntington Highway Superintendent William Naughton joined by his grandchildren, Asharoken Mayor Patricia Irving, Huntington Councilwoman Susan Berland, Senator Carl Marcellino, and Assemblyman James D. Conte.

(The Mayor's husband John, as well as two brothers-in-law, were all former chiefs of the Greenlawn Fire Department. Together, they've given over 75 years of service to the department.)
Second Annual Pot Luck Dinner a Tasty Success

2009 Asharoken Pot Luck dinner.
Photo: Mel Ettinger
Asharoken's second annual Pot Luck Dinner was held on a beautiful, sunny and breezy Saturday afternoon, July 25, 2009. Click here to view the slideshow. Residents young and old(er), new- and long-timers gathered in the gardens alongside village hall to enjoy each others company and the edible surprises. A bounty of culinary delights lovingly prepared from kitchens village-wide sated even the most vigorous of appetites. Among the offerings were crispy baked chicken, a delicious pasta/tuna/egg casserole, deviled eggs, sliced steak, caeasar salad, shrimp cocktail, a molded crabmeat dip with crackers, and a delicous tossed salad with gorgonzola. There was even a steamed hot dog "truck" complete with sauerkraut and all the fixin's.

Great conversation amongst neighbors was plentiful as well. A favorite topic was the wild turkey that has apparently taken up residence in Asharoken and been spotted by several Bevin Road residents.

For dessert there were rich homemade brownies, linzer torte cookies, cinnamon coffee cake, chocolate chip cookies, a vanilla bundt cake, and more. As the sun set, and the Pot Luck was winding down, a collective sigh of satisfaction was heard: “A Good Time Was Had by All”.

Congratulations and thanks to Rita Rover and the organizing committee Martha Brown, Eva Browne, Deb Masterson, Joann McCarthy, Judy Ross and Marie Scarangella for holding another successful dinner. Thanks also to Debbie Masterson for her reportage.

Asharoken Celebrates the Fourth in High Style

July 4, 2009 was a beautiful day and evening befitting the celebration of the birth of America. Asharoken offered up its ninth annual fireworks show with residents village-wide opening their homes to family and friends for fun and frolic the day-long. Throughout the village, Asharoken's favorite slogan rang out: "A Good Time was had by All!"
Asharoken Loves A Parade!
July 4th - Eaton's Neck

Mayor Irving and Congressman Steve Israel Marching in the Eaton's Neck 4th of July Parade.
Image: Steve Silverman
Mayor Irving and Congressman Steve Israel Marching in the Eaton's Neck 4th of July Parade.
Mayor Patricia Irving and Trustee Peter Masterson marched in the annual Eaton's Neck July 4th parade representing Asharoken Village. They also took part in the ceremony following the parade with other public officials, including
Congressman Israel spoke at a ceremony following the Eaton's Neck 4th of July Parade.
Image: Steve Silverman
Congressman Israel spoke at a ceremony following the Eaton's Neck 4th of July Parade.
Congressman Steve Israel, Assemblyman Andrew Raia, County Legislator Jon Cooper, Town Supervisor Frank Petrone, members of the Town Board, and Northport Mayor George Doll.

Afterwards, a community barbecue was held at the Eaton's Neck firehouse.

The parade is sponsored by the Eaton's Neck Fire Department and the Property Owners of Eaton's Neck Beach.
Memorial Day

Left to right: Suffolk County Legislator Jon Cooper, Petrone, Irving, and Asharoken Deputy Mayor and Police Commissioner Peter Masterson
Image: Richard Valeo, The Observer
Left to right: Suffolk County Legislator Jon Cooper, Petrone, Irving, and Asharoken Deputy Mayor and Police Commissioner Peter Masterson
The Northport Memorial Day Parade kicked off at 9:30am from the Laurel Avenue School and concluded at the foot of Main Street. The speaker this year was U.S. Coast Guard Station Eaton's Neck Commanding Officer Robert Craighead.
Town of Huntington Supervisor Frank Petrone and Asharoken Mayor Patricia Irving Marching in the Northport Memorial Day Parade.
Image: Richard Valeo, The Observer
Town of Huntington Supervisor Frank Petrone and Asharoken Mayor Patricia Irving Marching in the Northport Memorial Day Parade.
Mayor Irving and Deputy Mayor Peter Masterson represented Asharoken.

Huntington Memorial Day Parade: Asharoken resident Heidi Hayden coordinated the Huntington parade this year, as she also did three years ago. Mayor Irving marched together with Suffolk County Legislator Jon Cooper.
 Our 2008 Activities:
  • Santa Visits Asharoken
  • Annual Holiday Party
  • Blood Drive
  • Coastal Cleanup
  • Cow Harbor Day and Parade
  • Pot Luck Dinner

Santa visits Asharoken
Image: Steve Silverman 
Santa and a friend.
Santa Visits Asharoken:  On Sunday, December 21, the skies turned from gray to a beautiful blue as Santa Ho-Ho-Ho'ed his way past all the homes in our little village. In a sleigh provided by the Northport Fire Department, his arrival was heralded by the holiday sounds of his elfin escorts, the Asharoken Police.

After his tour, Santa did some serious facetime with the children of more than 40 families breathlessly waiting for him at Village Hall. Proud parents and grandparents looked on as Santa deemed all the children "nice" (not a "naughty" in the group) and dispensed candy stockings and oranges after hearing their wishes. Click here to view a slideshow of Santa's visit. Village Hall was festively decorated by Head Elf/Village Clerk Nancy Rittenhouse and her family.

Did you enjoy Santa's visit?  Thank him, and all the volunteer elves who helped make the day, via our Asharoken Bulletin Board.

Our Holiday Party: On November 23, more than 85 Asharoken residents and their guests gathered for an afternoon of conviviality during our 8th Annual Holiday Party, this year held at the Northport Yacht Club. Resident and event organizer Catherine Burch reports that "a good time was had by all" and that the food, view and ambience at the yacht club was outstanding. A good mix of new and long-time residents enjoyed neighborly conversation with the background of holiday piano music provided by Northport resident, Curtis Salke. In Asharoken's spirit of giving, this year a $200 donation was made to the Northport Food Pantry.

Do you have a holiday party or a holiday giving anecdote to share with your neighbors? Post it to the Asharoken Bulletin Board (click on "Bulletin Board" button above).

Asharoken officials and residents represent our village at the Northport Cow Harbor Day Parade. Photo by Rick Valeo / The Northport Observer.
Everyday, Asharoken residents are giving of their time and resources to help others. From our non-paid elected officials, to the ladies of the Asharoken Garden Club, to our young residents, so many of us are involved.

Our Annual Blood Drive: Columbus Day was host to our fourth annual blood drive, organized by Dr. Avrum Golub. Here is his report:

Trustee Golub and New York Blood Center’s manager Mina Jadeja after the Asharoken 2008 Columbus Day Blood Drive

Mina Jadeja, the New York Blood Center’s staff manager of Asharoken’s Fourth Columbus Day Blood Drive, stated that our blood donations exceeded her expectations. Twenty people came out to donate, and nineteen units (“pints”) were collected. These units have the potential to save the lives of fifty-seven to ninety-five very ill people.

Also, let us thank those who helped make our Blood Drive a success: Joe Asemi of “Cup-O-Joe Joe Bagels & Pizza”, Mayor Pat Irving and her mother Bridget Herold for refreshments. Barbara Bergold for recruiting blood donors. Mel Ettinger for the Village Hall Blood Drive Sign. Trustee Pete Masterson for helping set up the BloodMobile and Village Hall. The Times of Northport for its print and world-wide-web announcement of our Blood Drive. And most of all, to you, Asharoken's blood donors: a heartfelt and grateful "thank you".

Our Annual Coastal Cleanup Day: Asharoken's support of International Coastal Cleanup Day, was held on September 28, organized by Eva and Stanley Browne. This year, 145 people from Asharoken and the surrounding area collected 1,985 lbs of garbage from Centerport to Crab Meadow. The Browne’s also hosted a luncheon for all participants at their home at the end of the day. Please support these generous luncheon donors: Copenhagen Bakery, La Casa, Main Street Café, Nocello’s, Northport Harbor Deli, Pumpernickels, Robke’s Country Inn, San Giacomo Pizza, The Ritz Café, Venus Diner.

Our Float in the Cow Harbor Day Parade: For Chief Asharoken: Mitchell Rittenhouse, Pocahontas: Katie Burke. the first time, Asharoken’s elected officials and residents marched in the Cow Harbor Day Parade on September 21. We also debuted our own float carrying Chief Asharoken (Mitchell Rittenhouse) and Pocahontas (Katie Burke) and our new village banner. A special Asharoken shout-out to Nancy Rittenhouse (our village clerk) for coordinating this entire effort.

It was our opportunity to show off our community pride and enthusiasm before the thousands who viewed the parade along Main Street in Northport. We will participate annually—so be sure to join in the fun in 2009.

Our Summer Pot Luck Dinner: The "Meet Your Neighbors/Celebrate Summer" Dinner was held on August 16 during a beautiful summer evening at Asharoken Village Hall. All residents and their houseguests were invited. Volunteers included: Rita Rover, Martha Brown, Deb Masterson, Eva Browne, Judy Ross, Janet Toscano.